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Coming Soon

Missing Evidence will be published before June 15, 2021. Here’s the blurb:

Attorney Garrett Goodlove’s newest client is only fifteen. The boy asks for help because he thinks his older sister may be some kind of vigilante. Belinda, eighteen and way too sexy for her own good, has been missing for five months. The police are convinced that she’s just another runaway. Her bullheaded stepdad agrees.

But the younger brother found Belinda’s secret stash of chatroom texts. They suggest she’s on a misguided mission to entrap and kill a sexual predator. If so, she’s in over her head and on a collision course with a first-degree murder indictment.

Goodlove promises Belinda’s family that he’ll help her.

But first, he has to find her.

Currently Being Outlined

I’ve got a great idea for the book following Missing Evidence. It will be called Illusory Evidence, and here’s the blurb (it won’t be out until the fall, unless my editor can get to it sooner).

Attorney Garrett Goodlove’s new client is a world-famous illusionist with a strange addiction: The Amazing Benjamin finds himself compelled to break into banks. And houses, prisons, museums, even the Pentagon. He doesn’t steal anything, he just likes the challenge. It’s a terrible hobby, but he’s good at it.

He’s getting help for his compulsion, and Goodlove is able to keep him from going to jail. But everything changes when, during his stage act, Benjamin makes a woman disappear. Like, permanently. The police want to know where she went, and the Amazing Benjamin can’t tell them. When evidence against him piles up, he’s arrested for kidnapping and murder.

Goodlove finds that defending someone who deceives people for a living is problematic, and he wishes he’d never taken the case. Worse, because the trial gains international attention, the reputation of his firm is on the line.

If Goodlove can’t pull a rabbit out of a hat, The Amazing Benjamin will live out his days in an escape-proof, maximum security prison.