Sufficient Evidence

Garrett Goodlove hates liars. As a lawyer, he’s forced to deal with more than his fair share of cheats and con artists, but lately, he’s getting fed up.

Goodlove’s partner suspects that his latest client, the beguiling Aksana Ivanova, is a grandmaster of deception. But how can they be sure? Soon after Goodlove gets her weapons-possession charge dismissed on a technicality, the Redwood Point DA arrests her on a charge of first-degree murder. Apparently, the weapon found in the trunk of her car was used in an assassination.

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Perhaps Ms. Ivanova isn’t who everyone thinks she is.

If Goodlove can’t figure out when she’s lying and when she’s telling the truth, he won’t be able to defend her.

The Mind Reader’s Journey

Mind-reader Eric Beckman leads an uncomplicated life, using his special talent to solve cases and find missing persons. That life is threatened, however, when his nineteen-year-old daughter, Cosmina, is recruited to retrieve a gold talisman loaded with great power.

Eric objects. She is much too young and inexperienced for a dangerous mission like that! But Cosmina, whose powers are even greater than those of her father, is the only person on the planet who can complete the task. She’s the “Chosen One.”

He allows her to go but only if he can come along.

The mystical coin is buried in an ancient cave on Antarctica, and evil forces will do anything to prevent the father-daughter team from reaching it. Eric and Cosmina must fight not only the natural elements of the most inhospitable place on Earth, but the unnatural forces of a terrible demon hellbent on destroying them.

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If Eric can’t accept his daughter’s power and maturity and yield to her judgment, the quest will come to failure. The full power of the netherworld will be unleashed, and humans’ reign over the planet will cease.

Conclusive Evidence

Garrett Goodlove was once an arrogant, cut-throat, criminal defense attorney. When a pair of tragic events throws him into a deep depression, he retreats into the practice of family law, where he works to settle cases in a way that makes everyone happy.

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His kinder, gentler life is disrupted when the police arrest his estranged twin sister, Carly. She’s accused of shoving her husband off a cliff and into the storm-tossed Pacific Ocean. Carly, deaf since birth, refuses to be defended by anyone other than her twin brother. But the intense connection that binds the twins tells Garrett that she may not be revealing everything she knows.

If Garrett can’t overcome his tendency to sink back into depression, the defense will fail, condemning his sister to an isolated life in prison, cut off from the deaf community she needs.

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Damaging Evidence (Coming Feb 2020)

Attorney Garrett Goodlove never thought he’d take a medical malpractice case. Doctors swear an oath to help people, and those cases are usually minor mistakes blown up by ambulance chasers.

But when he learns of a woman who went into the ER with a case of heartburn and came out in a wheelchair, he starts paying attention. It appears the doctor frequently orders open-heart surgery for patients who don’t need it, sometimes leading to disability or death. Garrett is convinced: The surgeon must be stopped.

Teaming up with his daughter, a new law school graduate, Garrett must clear the reputation of their prime witness while battling the doctor’s team of elite attorneys who are always one step ahead of them.

If he doesn’t prevail, not only will the surgeon continue harming others to line his pockets, Garrett could find himself in the doctor’s crosshairs.

The Christmas Planet and Other Stories (FREE!)

This book is a collection of four short stories from my unconventional mind.

The Christmas Planet

Jake Corby’s family convinces him to celebrate Christmas on a Disneyland-like planet run by creatures who walk on two legs but resemble schnauzers in elf costumes. When the Corby family arrives, Jake finds that the setup is not quite as innocent as it appears.

A Pirate’s Life

Down and out scavenger Alex Hale comes across a derelict spaceship belonging to mutineer Jan Breck. There’s a price on her head. Her beautiful head. Will he turn her in and get the reward?

Sophia, Kidnapped!

Jake Corby gets word that the four-year-old daughter of an old friend has been kidnapped. Working together with Archie Chen, the “Mexican Ninja,” he tries to rescue her. Before it’s too late!

Love in the Snow

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Mind reader Eric Beckman has a problem. His daughter, Cosmina, is about to learn that she can compel others to do her bidding. He must train his wife to resist this mind control before Cosmina starts ordering her around: Drive me to the mall! Buy me a pony! Let me date that rock musician!

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The Abducted Heiress

Alex Booker is sixty going on sixteen. Literally. A genetic experiment “youth-en-ized” his body, turning him into a teenager. Because of his wise old mind, he’s cautious and thoughtful. But adolescent hormones don’t do “cautious.”

Although he’d been an accountant in his “former life,” impetuous young Alex has chosen to become a private investigator. Bad idea. Business is slow—who would hire a detective who looks like he belongs in high school?

When heiress teen Misty Langwell disappears, the police wait for the ransom demand that never comes. Desperate, Misty’s parents turn to Booker and Associates for help. Alex is perfect for the job. He’s just the man—or kid—to go undercover.

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Her disappearance turns out to be much more sinister than a simple kidnapping, and Alex soon finds himself stuck in a prison camp deep in the Amazon jungle. Is he in over his young head?

If he can’t find a good balance between wisdom and impulsiveness, Misty will never be seen again. And neither will Alex.

The Abducted Heiress may be read as a standalone book or as Book Two in the Alex Booker series.

The P
rotected Witness

It’s 2029, and Alex Booker, the president’s accountant, has a problem: He’s uncovered an ongoing money-laundering scheme managed by the president herself. Alex is reluctant to expose the crime until he’s analyzed the heck out of it, but at the urging of his less-cautious assistant, he brings his discovery to the FBI.

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When Alex’s life is threatened, he’s placed into an experimental witness protection program. As a guinea pig for a risky scientific procedure he is changed in ways he never thought possible. That’s when things start going wrong.

If Alex can’t overcome his cautious, careful nature and fight the president while maintaining his anonymity, the United States will be forever changed.

The Day Before Yesterday’s Thief

Romanian Jewel Thief Viviana Petki knows she has kleptomania, but is she a sociopath, too? Returning from Saint-Tropez, where she stole the priceless Portensia diamond, she escapes the suspicions of US Customs by slipping the diamond into someone else’s suitcase. Only a sociopath would frame a random stranger without a second’s hesitation, yes?

The hunt is on to find the suitcase’s owner and retrieve the diamond. But the search leads to much more than she’d bargained for. What she finds imperils not only her life, but that of her fourteen-year-old cousin—the one who has an unnatural ability to open safes.

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If Viviana can’t conquer her demons, she’ll spend the rest of her life in prison. That is, if the mob doesn’t kill her first.

The Day Before Yesterday’s Thief may be read as a standalone book or as a prequel to the Eric Beckman series.

A Mind Reader’s Christmas

Eric Beckman, a mind-reading private investigator, is spending Christmas in snowy Vermont with his wife and daughter. He needs a break from solving cases, but the townspeople convince him to look into the village mystery: Every holiday season, someone switches the baby Jesus with one of the other figures in the town’s Nativity scene.

With the help of his ten-year-old daughter, also a mind reader, he soon learns that some of the residents of the small town are not who—or even what—they seem to be. There’s something supernatural going on in Newburn, Vermont.

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His investigation causes an escalation of strange happenings, and soon, swapped manger figures are the least of the town’s worries. If Beckman can’t adjust his view of the world—force himself to believe in things he never thought possible—the Christmas vacation could turn out to be his family’s last.

A Mind Reader’s Christmas may be read as a standalone book or as Book Four in the Eric Beckman series.

Democracy’s Thief

Private Investigator Eric Beckman hates politics. He doesn’t even watch the news—it’s just sensationalized stories crafted to sell commercials. Why should he care?

But that changes when a friend is shot in the head during a politically motivated break-in. Eric starts digging, and using his paranormal mind-reading skills, he soon discovers that Wilson Kingman, the presidential candidate behind the burglary, has some supernatural skills of his own. With one sweep of his mesmerizing gaze, he’s able to secure the fanatical devotion of the thousands who attend his rallies–including the very people investigating him.

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Worse, Kingman’s true motivations have nothing to do with leading the free world. With the clock ticking down toward election day, Beckman must overcome his aversion to politics and stop the wrong man from being elected. If he fails, millions will die.

Democracy’s Thief is a standalone book which may be enjoyed without reading any of the other books in the series.

Sanity’s Thief

Private detective Eric Beckman can read minds. He’s used to weird cases, but this one may be his most difficult yet. A beloved relative has disappeared into a suspicious psychiatric hospital and Eric has no choice but to go in after her.

Getting in is easy—he knows how to fake insanity. Getting out … not so much.


The asylum’s director has some personality issues of his own, and is doing more than just treating patients. Now that Eric is one of them, his mind may be headed for a fate worse than death.

His only hope for escape is to work together with the other inmates. But collaborating with schizophrenics has its own challenges, even when he knows what they’re thinking. Unless he can get word to the outside, the case could cost him his sanity.

The Universe Next Door

Jake Corby saved the world. Now, he’s being asked to save the universe!

Corby is recovering from his last mission, enjoying life with his new family, when he’s sucked into a parallel universe with nothing but his clothes, his dog, and his eighty-three-year-old grandmother-in-law.

On this version of Earth, the dinosaurs didn’t go extinct and the world is ruled by a spacefaring civilization of dinobirds. If Jake wants to return home, he’ll need to not only survive but locate the rulers of Earth so they can send him back.


Worse, Corby learns that a universe collision is imminent. Unless he can adapt to his new reality and work with the dinobirds to ward off that danger, his universe, as well as countless others, will cease to exist.

The Universe Next Door is a standalone book, and may be understood without reading any of the other books in the series. However, for maximum enjoyment, consider reading Contact Us first.

Yesterday’s Thief (THIS BOOK IS FREE)

It’s the year 2020, and Eric Beckman is a mind-reading detective.

Although he reads only the conscious thoughts of the people he interviews, it usually gives him enough of an edge to overcome his inexperience as a PI. But mind reading is hell on relationships. Trusting comes hard when you know what people are really thinking.

The case of his life lands in his lap when a beautiful woman materializes during a televised baseball game. She floats in midair, then drops to the ground, comatose.

Beckman is at her bedside when she wakes up. From the moment she opens her eyes, she has him under her spell. He vows to figure out where—or when—she came from, even if it kills him.


The stakes increase when she disappears without a trace. Worse, she holds the key to a worldwide energy catastrophe. If Beckman can’t find her and unlock her secrets, economies will collapse, and the world will spiral down into chaos. 

The Antiterrorist

Satellites are disappearing one by one. Not exploding, not dropping out of the sky, just disappearing.

When the Hubble Space Telescope vanishes, reluctant hero Jake Corby is dispatched to figure out who or what is responsible. He’s used to solving problems for the FBI, but hunting down missing satellites? That’s a new one.

The mysterious force next cripples the International Space Station and destroys the only spacecraft that could rescue the astronauts. The race is on to avert the final death blow to the ISS and execute a risky plan to get the astronauts back home. Before it’s too late.

This short prequel to Contact Us is filled with quirky surprises and humor. The Antiterrorist is a standalone book, with no cliffhanger or “to be continued” at the end. It may be read before or after other books in the Mysterious Events series.

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Contact Us

On May 22, 2018, every person on Earth sneezes. Simultaneously.

Hours later, an alien spacecraft appears over New York City and broadcasts a dire message of impending doom. The future of the human race will depend on the whims of a solitary extraterrestrial who appears in the form of Walter Cronkite. Yes, that’s right, Walter Cronkite, the deceased news anchor!

Ex-FBI troubleshooter Jake Corby has faked his death and dropped out of sight, living like a hermit in a small town. But the president is convinced Corby’s still alive. He wants Jake, with his unique problem-solving skills, added to the team that will try to defeat the strange but powerful alien. Jake needs to overcome his introvert tendencies if he’s going to help save the planet.

The alien has some nasty surprises for the residents of Earth, and the race is on to figure out his true motives and the meaning of the sneeze event–before it’s too late.

Drive, Ride, Repeat (THIS BOOK IS FREE!)

This book is wildly funny. I lost track of how many times I laughed out loud.–Kathleen, Amazon Reviewer

The book is a journal of a car/bicycle/camping trip, but I promise that “if it starts sounding like one of your brother-in-law’s boring slide shows, I will stop this book, and we’ll turn around and go home. I mean it.”

Becoming a Great Sight-Reader–Or Not!

Want to Improve Your Piano Sight-Reading? Don’t play another note until you’ve read this book!

I would recommend this for anyone interested in improving their ability to sight-read.–Bruce Lombardi, Amazon Reviewer

 Learn what works and what doesn’t.


CreateSpace Formatting Sampler (6×9)

To make a beautiful CreateSpace book, you need to choose the best combination of font, font size, paragraph style, justification, and margins.

The CreateSpace Formatting Sampler (6×9) is a gallery of different formatting styles that you can hold in your hand.