Conclusive Evidence Audiobook

Garrett Goodlove was once an arrogant, cut-throat, criminal defense attorney. When a pair of tragic events throws him into a deep depression, he rceaudiowidth600etreats into the practice of family law, where he works to settle cases in a way that makes everyone happy.

His kinder, gentler life is disrupted when the police arrest his estranged twin sister, Carly. She’s accused of shoving her husband off a cliff and into the storm-tossed Pacific Ocean. Carly, deaf since birth, refuses to be defended by anyone other than her twin brother. But the intense connection that binds the twins tells Garrett that she may not be revealing everything she knows.

If Garrett can’t overcome his tendency to sink back into depression, the defense will fail, condemning his sister to an isolated life in prison, cut off from the deaf community she needs.